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"Having the mix between listening and putting into practice, and being able to put everything into practice in the business simulation day with ‘strangers' was excellent. "
A selection of our articles

This is a collection of articles written by Lumina principals that give a flavour of our work and our thinking on some topical issues. There is a summary of each article, then by clicking on the link you can read the article. You are welcome to copy the articles for your own use. The copyright title belongs to the author and /or original publisher.

Listening Sorry, what did you say?

How often do we feel we have been fully listened to and understood? How often do we experience the full attention of another person? It isn’t often, is it? And when we do experience being understood? What happens to our feeling toward the person who has listened?

I would hazard a guess that the vital element needed to forge a productive relationship – be it in the boardroom or the back office – hangs on our ability to listen and demonstrate understanding and empathy – even when we may not even be in agreement. And this is not an easy task.
© Elaine Hynd 2008

Download: pdf Listening - Sorry, what did you say? 26 Kb

CRM Developments in the Professions

Many professional service firms are finding it difficult to replicate the customer relationship management (CRM) successes achieved by service providers in other markets. This article sets out the critical success factors based on two CRM projects we've worked on recently and some interviews conducted with other professional organisations.
February 2008 © Tony Reiss

Download: pdf CRM Developments in the Professions 22 Kb 

Invoice 'noise' gets order of das boot

(The story of a financial change project)
This article describes the progress of a financial change project in BP's UK supply and logistics department. The project was designed and managed internally by our client Dick Talboys, with set up workshop support from Cap Gemini Ernst & Young. After the initial workshops, progress on the project slowed as staff tried to balance doing new project work alongside their existing full time day jobs. Simon Allen of Lumina Consulting worked with Dick Talboys to unlock staff involvement and get the project moving again during this central phase of the project.
HORIZON magazine
Issue Four June 2003
Words: Bruce McMichael
Print Editor: Michael Rook
Print Deputy Editor: Oliver Broad
© BP plc
view: Invoice 'noise' gets order of das boot

Making Pitches Less Speculative
The smart firms are deciding not to wait for clients to invite them to pitch for work - they're going out there to present their credentials. However, for many the success rate is disappointing. This article gives a planning process and summarises the lessons from successful attempts.
Managing Partner magazine
September 2003
© Tony Reiss
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Winning Work from Your Competitors
A more rigorous 4 step approach to tackle the challenge of winning work in competitive pitches. (1) Selection Criteria (2) Appraisal (3) Influencing (4) Develop a winning proposition.
Professional Marketing and Managing Partner magazine
October 2001
© Tony Reiss
Download: pdf Winning Work from Your Competitors 95 Kb
How to Sell Professional Services
A description of the traditional models or philosophies of selling and the offer of a different mindset for professional service firms, particularly for those wanting to develop long-term relationships with clients.
Managing Partner magazine
February 2000
© Tony Reiss
Download: pdf How to Sell Professional Services 82 Kb
Investing in Support Staff Skills
The market needs to get more added value from top level support staff. By providing suitable training, firms can attract, motivate and hold on to their talent for longer. The rewards for this enhanced loyalty are potentially large and manifold.
Professional Marketing magazine
© Tony Reiss
Download: pdf Investing in Support Staff Skills 52 Kb
How Effective are Your Partners as Leaders?
This article looks at what some of the top academics think about leadership and, in particular, how leadership differs from management.
Managing Partner magazine
February 2001
© Tony Reiss
Download: pdf How Effective are Your Partners as Leaders? 110 Kb

How to Deal With Resistance to Change
Unless the people aspects are taken into account, the shift in attitudes and behaviour that is the bedrock of any real change will not happen. Our suggestion is to work on the three C's of capability, commitment and culture.
Managing Partner magazine
November 1999
© Tony Reiss
Download: doc How to Deal With Resistance to Change 57 Kb